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At Work

You spend much of your weekday on the job. Find tips here on how to make the most of your opportunities at work.


Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Stress and anxiety can have long-term effects on your well-being.


Good dental health depends on regular checkups with your dentist and daily oral hygiene at home.

Diseases & Conditions

Do you need information on heart disease? Cancer? Asthma? The common cold? Look here for those and many other conditions.


Regular exercise is essential to good health. What's your preference—walking, biking, swimming, or a fitness class? Find out why it's time to get moving.

Injuries & Emergencies

How do you treat a burn or a bee sting? When should a doctor see a sprain or a strain? Do you know what to do if a loved one collapses?


You can improve your diet with simple changes: Add more fruits and vegetables to your menus, switch to low-fat milk, choose whole grains.


Whether you're the parent of a newborn or a teenager, you'll find advice and guidance on a range of child development and health topics.


Screening tests and immunizations are two important ways to prevent illness and catch health problems when they are easier to treat.


Many injuries can be avoided by taking preventive steps at home, on the road, and when you're at play.

Today's Medicine

Be an active patient—be a partner with your doctor in your health care. Keep your medical appointments and plan ahead to make the most of those visits.

Weight Control

The central idea in weight management is to balance the amount of food you eat with your level of daily physical activity.

Your Body

From your head to your feet and everything in between, here is a closer look at the human anatomy and its wondrous workings.