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Shark Cartilage 

General description

Shark cartilage is made from powdered shark skeleton. Sharks have no true bone. Their skeletons are made of cartilage. Shark cartilage is white. It may have an unpleasant odor and taste.

It has been said to help prevent or treat cancer. But studies have had mixed results and have not been conclusive.

Ingredients in shark cartilage include:

  • Mucopolysaccharides

  • Calcium

  • Phosphorus

Medically valid uses

There is no evidence that shark cartilage helps any health condition.

Unsubstantiated claims

There may be benefits that have not yet been proven through research.

Studies are looking if shark cartilage stops new blood vessels from forming. Substances that do this are called angiogenesis inhibitors. This may help fight certain cancers by cutting off their blood supply. Studies are also being done to learn if angiogenesis inhibitors treat certain cancers. But most of these inhibitors are stronger than those in shark cartilage. They don’t come from shark cartilage. Even the newer, stronger substances have not clearly shown to work against cancer.

Shark cartilage may boost the immune system. It may help manage many diseases. These can include:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Skin issues, such as psoriasis

  • Retinopathies, such as diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration

  • Bowel inflammation

  • Kaposi's sarcoma

  • Breast, cervix, uterus, ovary, prostate, kidney, liver, and central nervous system cancer

Dosing format

There is no current recommended dietary allowance (RDA) for shark cartilage.

Shark cartilage comes in oral capsule and powder forms. It’s important to buy it from a high-quality manufacturer.

Side effects, toxicity, and interactions

Like all supplements, shark cartilage can interact with other medicines. These include antibiotics and diabetes medicines. Talk to your healthcare provider before taking this supplement.

Online Medical Reviewer: Cynthia Godsey
Online Medical Reviewer: Diane Horowitz MD
Online Medical Reviewer: Rita Sather RN
Date Last Reviewed: 3/1/2019